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Our organization could not function without the loyal volunteers that provide hundreds of hours of service each year to help us accomplish our goals. Please consider becoming a part of our team!

Some ways you can help:

  • Become a Client Advocate Counselor
  • Contribute financially
  • Become a church or community representative
  • Help build and keep our library current
  • Help organize and stock the Baby Boutique (Sarah Elizabeth’s Closet)
  • Wash baby clothes
  • Make baby booties, burp cloths or blankets

You Can PRAY.  The prayers of God’s people ensure His power for this ministry.  

You can GIVE.  We depend entirely on God’s provision the giving of caring people to provide free services.

You  can VOLUNTEER.  Volunteers actually do the work.

There are many areas in which to serve.

For further information about volunteer work or serving as a representative, contact us.