Healing the Effects of Abortion Related Trauma

The short and long term effects of abortion are very real and life changing for women. For those who have endured an abortion, THERE IS HELP!

Our team is here to help women and families heal after abortion, whether recent or in the distant past. The traumatic effects can be lifelong, and our professionals offer a non-judgmental, safe, compassionate, and confidential place to receive the help you need and deserve. Remember- you are NOT alone!



Did you know that each year more than a million women will have an abortion? Do you know that in 2009 64% of women having an abortion, did so because they felt pressured?

Are you having HAUNTING MEMORIES that won’t go away?
The scars of the abortion aren’t on the outside, but are eating at you from the inside out.

Has an abortion left you feeling ALL ALONE with the memories of the experience?
One in four women in America will have an abortion at some point in their lifetime.

Do the dark clouds of GUILT & SORROW hang over you constantly?
For many, the guilt and sorrow that scars their heart plunges them into depression,
drug and alcohol abuse and other destructive behaviors.

Is the deafening SILENCE and SHAME too much to bear?
More than a million American women will have an abortion this year, but hardly any of them talk about it.

Is the burden of  REGRET becoming too heavy to carry?
Following abortion, many women experience initial relief. The perceived crisis is over, and life returns to normal. For many women, however, the crisis is not over. Months and even years later, significant problems begin to develop.

Do ANGER & DEPRESSION overtake you?
Anger turned inward will lead to depression.  Up to 83% of abortions are unwanted.
64% involve coercion.  Anger turned inward will lead to depression.


Here’s a list of the most common feelings and emotional symptoms of Post Abortion Stress and Trauma (in alphabetical order):

AlienationFears of another pregnancy or infertilityPanic
Anger/rageFears about miscarriagePreoccupation with dates
AnguishNightmares, or sleep disorders
DistrustLonelinessUnable to forgive self
ExploitationLowered self-esteemUncontrollable crying
Fears about God's punishment

“Come, all you who are weary & heavy laden…” -Jesus

If you have already had an abortion and are hurting, we want you to know your feelings are normal. Contact us today and ask to speak to one of our abortion recovery facilitators. Your call is confidential and there is help and relief.